Torakan dojo is truly a special place. It is one of the only dojos in the country providing authentic kyokushin training and Shihan Roger Young has expertise that only a handful of people in the world can claim, tracing his lineage back to the founder of Kyokushin. Torakan is unique in that it applies a scientific method to its training, teaching “martial science” rather than “martial art.” This means that all techniques are rigorously tested in combat before they are accepted and students gauge their own abilities in the same manner. The dojo’s underlying ethos is to “seek truth in budo (combat)” and this keeps the training grounded in real-world application.

Torakan will always hold a special place in my heart. The men of Torakan took me in when I was just 8 years old. They were and still are my role models and have set the bar for integrity, hard work, and humility for which I strive to meet today. Shihan has been like a second father to me and shaped my life immensely. I honestly can’t imagine what my life would be like without my experiences at Torakan. The values and skills they taught me are largely responsible for me receiving 6 full-ride scholarships and acceptance to 2 Ivy League universities. Having graduated and now being in the investing world, there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of some experience I had in the dojo that helps me in both work and life.

In summation, the caliber of training and knowledge at Torakan is truly one of a kind. I have never met a man who is as generous with his time as Shihan, who invests in every student, and takes it upon himself to ensure they learn not just the techniques but also the principles. If you are considering training I cannot recommend Torakan highly enough. It shaped the trajectory of my life and has the power to do the same for you.

Arthur B. Olson
Arlington, VA
November 2016

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